Mastering Selling

with Chrisal Martin


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Learn sales strategies & sales techniques used by the world’s most successful sales professionals and entrepreneurs. Build business relationships that are authentic and produce results. Let’s go!


Nov 7th, 5:30pm – 8:30pm
Champion Studios, No.12 Ana Street, Woodbrook, POS


3 hr Session
Free Food and Refreshment
Certificate of Completion

The Sales Masterclass

We must sell to succeed! Whether you’re selling a new product or service, pitching an idea, or even selling yourself—we’re all in sales. This course is taught by top sales performer Ms. Chrisal Martin. Chrisal has twice achieved BEST in the world in the field of business. She is an EduHacksTT master instructor and a recognized CBP Certified Global Sales Instructor.

Get ready to be blown away as Chrisal delivers field tested, bulletproof sales strategies that she deploys at one of the world’s leading telecommunication companies.

All attendees will receive a free Digital Certificate of Completion.

*100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. If you’re not happy with this course you can request your money back.

What Will I Learn?

  • How to build business relationships that will generate sales

  • Learn the power of authenticity. Discover how your clients will spot a fake from a mile away

  • How to INSTANTLY build rapport with anyone by mastering body language and tonality

  • Value-based sales strategies

  • How to handle objections without violating your business relationships

  • How to close deals effectively and grow a business relationship for the long term results

  • The key to staying motivated. Never sell what you are not willing to buy

  • The art of negotiation and deal making

  • How to sell using your own authentic personality without sounding like a sales person

  • The power of active listening in sales

  • Discover the MOST EFFECTIVE way to pitch your product or service to potential customers

  • CASE STUDY: How I closed my BIGGEST client!



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