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Let us put the keys to the kingdom in your hands. Make a full time living as an influencer. Reach your full potential, cultivate deep trust with your followers, and grow a community that inspires others.
Lessons from the Trenches

Work on a live project


Tell your story and share your AMAZING point of view. Start immediately building your street cred by working with major brands. AB DE LIMA is one of the most recognized fashion brands in the Jewelry industry.


We will throw you into the fire as you work with an internationally recognized brand. Your post can be featured by Gatorade and you can WIN exciting prizes such as a night in the HYATT and more…

HAKKA Restaurant

Work with one of the Caribbean’s growing food brands. HAKKA’s posts have featured international icons such as cricketing sensation Virat Kohli. Join a campaign as it is happening and gain real world experience.

Discover the business of you and become a


Live on Your Terms

Staying true to you

Course Information - Brand Influencer Academy


Wield your influence and earn extra income while changing the world. Pitch It! is the perfect course to kick off your career as an influencer. You will learn how to develop your POV (Point-of-vIew) and make the perfect pitch to successful brands while growing your followers. Pitch it! can be the GAME CHANGER in your career.

Dates: November 2nd to December 7th
Times: Saturdays, 10am to 3pm
Venue: Champion Studios, Woodbrook, Port-of-Spain

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Define Your Purpose

Discover your unique expression and passion. Learn your Identity Essentials and discover how to be the person you have always wanted to be.

Brand Strategy​

Understand your true value and learn how to grow an authentic, respectable personal brand. You will develop laser sharp strategy to attract the clients you want.

Monetizing Your Influence​

Learn the different ways that you can monetize your influence. Diversify your income with brand deals and sponsored posts to maximize your return on influence (ROI).

Digital Media Strategy​

Everything you need to succeed at social media and content marketing. Discover the power of collaboration to amplify your reach.

Build Your Community

Learn how to build your audience with authenticity, integrity and inspiration. It is not about being everything to everyone but connect to the right people who love what you do.

Work with Brands & Companies

Gain valuable hands-on experience by working with successful brands. Discover how to exceed the expectations and requirements of the companies you work with. Learn how to make the PERFECT PITCH that will WOW your clients.​

The Best Deal - tT $4,950


build a successful brand

many benefits included with pitch it!

Whether you are a content creator or a lifecaster this is the perfect course to help you define your purpose, clarify your strategy and build a successful personal brand.

Learn from the best

Hands-on Training

We are firm believers in learning through immersion. Work on live projects with major companies and brands.

lights, camera...action

Your Own Influencer Kit

Includes your influencer workbook, tripod and a ring light for the perfect shot every time. Content creation and lifecasting is a major feature of this program.

built to global standards

Brand Influencer Workbook

Master your brand using our worksheets and courseware with the latest brand building strategies.

Premier Access

Automatic Influencer Registration

Be automatically registered as an influencer with 007 and gain access to exclusive events and work with various brands to build your business.


Course Certificate

Advance your career and resume with this certificate program. This program is done jointly with EduHacks Trinidad and Tobago and is officially endorsed by The International Business Training Association.

much more than you expected

Win Grand Prizes

Be rewarded throughout the program for your creativity and talent. You can WIN a night at the Hyatt, dinners at your favourite restaurants and so much more. This is a program that CONSTANTLY GIVES BACK!

" The 007.Social team is truly amazing. I just love their out-of-the-box thinking. I truly thought I could not find what I was looking for in Trinidad and Tobago until I found! "
Marcus Jadgeo
CEO, HAKKA Restaurant
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